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PIASHA JEWELERS.COM is the 21kt Gold jewelry store of Piasha Jewelers, the premier 21kt Bangladesh Jewelry Shop in Chowmuhani, Noakhali. We only retail 21carats Bangladesh Gold Jewelry from our location in chowmuhani-3821, 13-14, and Badamtola road. This is also the principal office for our Jewelry Manufacturers and order suppliers Jewelry store.

                             Our all kinds of customer services only provided in Bangladesh.  

PIASHA JEWELLERS, your 18k, 21k, 22k gold and silver ornaments is a professional manufacturer and order suppliers jewelry Store. We carry a magnificent array of gold jewelry that include Necklaces Sets, Pendant Sets, Jaria Sets, Gold Necklace Chains, Pair of Earrings, Thin Bangles Sets, Wide Bangles, Earrings, Jumkies, Ladies bracelets, Ladies Ring, Stud Earrings, Nose Pins, Pendants, bracelets, Men's Gold Rings, Men's Neck chains, Allah pendants, Baby gold chains, Baby Bangles, Baby Earrings, Baby Rings, sethahar and Precious Gemstone Jewelry.

"We do not sell 24 karat gold bars or coins,

Gold price given just for customer knowledge. "

Our manufacturing Gold Ornaments, Piasha Jewelers.com is using the latest technology to sort and list products, so that customers find what they are looking for quickly. In all 21 Kt BANGLADESH Jewelers stores in Chowmuhani, our service is most reputed and we take special care, interest and like to satisfy each and every customer’s specific needs honestly and sincerely. Piasha Jewelers is all about your life styles. We are Best Quality Jewelry manufacturer & producers. Our 25 years experience has given us a leverage to get the best deals and latest design from some of the world best 18k/21k/22 karat gold jewelry design. We have gold Jewelry in order to manufacturing your ornaments.

Our experience in business for your life styles has given us an insight into the nuances and needs of the customers and the ability to deal with suppliers and Karigars or craftsmen. Our past experience and knowledge has resulted in bringing you best value and design in the 21k Bangladesh jewelry trade, where there is always a debate about material value and design value in the mind of customers. Piasha Jewelers is your wisdom to choose the best.


                 You can also send your enquiries at info[at]piasha.com for any additional Information.


Jewelry Technology & Ideas PIASHA is a privately owned shop with a growing radius. Our team consists with some of the best planners, latest designers, supervising “most seniors gold smith” design Mechanical, stone experts and marketing and management professionals. All planning works, program and schedules are aided by computerized information systems to achieve the highest standards of Gold accuracy. In 1976, PIASHA became the first Jewelers ornaments and indeed also the first Jewelers air condition Farm of the Noakhali, chowmuhani to be awarded with the “Bajus” recognized “sinner goldsmith” certification for quality in “Design & Stone Sating of ornaments” With the passage of time; PIASHA continued its process for further development in order to ensure the total satisfaction of the customer.

If you are satisfied tell others, if you are not satisfied tell us.

Want to pay over time? – lay away

We often a flex pay that lets you make monthly payments for up to 07 months, once all your payments are complete, we will ship out the product to you .There is no extra fee , no interest, just a simple and easy flexible option for you and us-call us to get started.

The PIASHA Guarantee:

All our jewelry is guaranteed. Each item is accompanied by a guarantee. Memo that will indicate the purity and guarantee depend on organization standards.


Easy Returns & Repairs:

All our customers enjoy a 03 day return policy. We even pay for the shipping back on all orders of tk. 35000.00 and higher. Our repair department can help you. Your entire repair with secure shipping and fast turn-around let us help you. From our side, when they demand an exchange, within the specified time limit of three business days. Sorry, we cannot issue full refunds on your accounts, without charging a 20% restocking fee. If you require a refund on your Jewelry, we will issue it after deducting the restocking Fee and the other charges. If you wish to know the reasons, why we do this, please read Further, the reasons are given below. We will be able to repair any jewelry bought from us, in most cases, unless it is damaged beyond repair i.e. crushed or bent or if a complete part of the jewelry is missing. Please note that there may be a nominal charge for repairs, plus we require the customers to pay for the return shipping, in case you ship it to us for repairs, most repairs can be done within a week. If you decide to ship it to us for repairs, please include your Name and phone number, so we will be able to contact with you, if required. Repairs & restocking time lost many jewelry Accessories not further use.      

Custom Orders:

we are ready to take your custom order. If you have an idea let us help you bring it to life. All our jewelry can be modified and sized accordingly. Call us for details regarding custom jewelry work. we manufactures newest 21kt & 22kt gold Jewelry and StoneJewelry Showroom, (Shop) you will always get best prices, latest designs and courteous service for our customer. We have the 21kt gold 18Kt Jewelry in Indian Designs, 21Kt other Precious and semi-Precious Stone Jewelry and a huge selection to choose latest designs from catalogue. So be assured that all your manufacturing requirements will be fulfilled at one stop. It’s quality that you can trust with your eyes shut. A house of total quality, trust & faith, Located in the heart of the Chowmuhani, Badamtola Road, Noakhali, Piasha Jewelers and Bulu Enterprise. It is easily accessible from major highways.

In the year to come, WITH THE BLESSING OF ALLAH, Piasha Jewelers will keep expanding its nice (horizon); I wish to diversify into new areas and contributing to the development of our customers gold purses capability & gold accuracy, beautiful design &unquestioning trusty. Gold ornaments now one of the luxury- hobby, but it also a way of economic development & force savings for diligent earning dear valued customer. Your total satisfaction is our number one priority.


                                   Quality comes fast profit is its logical sequence.


Abul Hossain Bulu

Our Mission:

We want our shop to be your family jeweler with open communication, and commitment to find products, our goal is to have you understand our jewelry for the workmanship and enjoy your manufacturing ornaments.

Piasha Jewelers

13-14, Badamtola Road.



Mobile: +88- 016-12888999    

Web:     www.piasha.com

Customer care working hours - 10 am to 07.30 pm IST

Saturday to Thursday.

Friday is Holiday