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Mineral Diamond


It is only for improvement of our customer’s knowledge who perches the Diamond. 

One of the hardest substance known to mankind found in nature is Diamond. , Diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum (sapphire and ruby), having few weaknesses and many strengths. But even as hard as it is, it is not impermeable. Diamond has four directions of cleavage, which means that if it receives a sharp blow in one of these directions it will cleave, or split. A skilled diamond setter and/or jeweler will prevent any of these directions from being in a position to be struck while mounted in a jewelry piece.

As a gemstone, Diamond's single flaw (perfect cleavage) is far outdistanced by the sum of its positive qualities. It has a broad color range, high refraction, high dispersion or fire, very low reactivity to chemicals, rarity, and of course, extreme hardness and durability. Diamond is the April Birth stone.

In terms of its physical properties, diamond is the ultimate mineral in several ways: 


Hardness: Diamond is a perfect "10″, defining the top of the hardness scale.

Clarity: Diamond is transparent over a larger range of wavelengths (from the ultraviolet into the far infrared) than is any other solid or liquid substance - nothing else even comes close. 

Thermal Conductivity: Diamond conducts heat better than anything - five times better than the second best element, Silver!

Melting Point: Diamond has the highest melting point (3820 degrees Kelvin).

Lattice Density: The atoms of Diamond are packed closer together than are the atoms of any other substance.


piasha logo  Comparison B/W Diamond and Graphite:-

     piasha ipod logo Diamond is a polymorph of the element carbon. Graphite is another polymorph.

    piasha ipod logo Diamond is hard, Graphite is soft (the "lead" of a pencil).

    piasha ipod logo Diamond is an excellent electrical insulator; Graphite is a good conductor of electricity.

    piasha ipod logo Diamond is the ultimate abrasive, Graphite is a very good lubricant.

    piasha ipod logo Diamond is transparent, Graphite is opaque.

    piasha ipod logo Diamond crystallizes in the Isometric system and graphite crystallizes in the hexagonal system.


piasha logo  Physical characteristics:-

        piasha ipod logo Color is variable and tends toward pale yellows, browns, grays, and also white, blue, black, reddish, greenish and colorless.

      piasha ipod logo  Luster is adamantine to waxy.

      piasha ipod logo Transparency crystals are transparent to translucent in rough crystals.

      piasha ipod logo Crystal System is isometric; 4/m bar 3 2/m 

      piasha ipod logo Crystal Habits include isometric forms such as cubes and octahedrons, twinning is also seen. 

      piasha ipod logo  Hardness is 10. 

      piasha ipod logo  Specific Gravity is 3.5 (above average)  

      piasha ipod logo Cleavage is perfect in 4 directions forming octahedrons. 

piasha ipod logo  Fracture is conchoidal. 

piasha ipod logo  Associated Minerals are limited to those found in kimberlite rock, an ultramafic igneous rock composed mostly of olivine. 


Other Characteristics: refractive index is 2.4 (very high), dispersion is 0.044, fluorescent.Notable Occurrences include South Africa and other localities throughout Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Arkansas. Best Field Indicator is extreme hardness. Streak is white. 


piasha logo  Diamond and precious Gemstone comes in ten basically standard and popular shapes Such as --------



1) Round


2) Princess


3) Emerald


4) Escher


5) Marquise


6) Oval


7) Radiant


8) Pear


9) Heart 


10) Cushion



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